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The teachings and practice of Sahaja Yoga, which are offered free of charge, have transformed and benefited the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Sahaja Yoga is a world-wide movement that is strikingly different from any other spiritual or self-improvement path available. There is no high priest or dominating guru, and no money is taken at any time for Sahaja Yoga techniques and teachings. Practitioners are instead encouraged to become their own gurus, and to look within themselves for the experiences, understanding and knowledge that lead to a balanced, joyous and purposeful life.

Our goal as Sahaja Yogis is to spread this great discovery and to help people enlighten and transform themselves throughout the world. The time has come and millions of seekers are looking for reality, sanity and inner peace. Thousands of people around the world practise Sahaja Yoga on a daily basis. The quality of their renewed life speaks for the purity and integrity of Sahaja Yoga.

The Founder

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, is a pure and noble personality. She has devoted her entire life to alleviating human suffering and spiritual confusion. The time she has devoted to Sahaja Yoga has meant the sacrifice of time she could have spent with her husband, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Upon meeting her, one is immediately aware of her love and compassion.

Shri Mataji epitomises the best qualities of a woman. She is loving, patient, wise and an inspiration for others. As a girl, she worked alongside other freedom fighters to establish the independence of India from British rule. Mahatma Gandhi invited her to stay in his ashram and he consulted her on spiritual matters, as he recognised the great wisdom in her even when she was no more than seven years old.

Shri Mataji has never charged money for her knowledge or teachings. On the contrary, she has contributed substantial funds to the establishment of Sahaja Yoga around the world, initiating over 35 projects in India, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. The projects include medical centres, music and art academies, schools, Sahaja Yoga ashrams, seminar retreats and centres to help destitute women.

In a single program, whether it be in a village in India, or in England, Russia or Turkey, Shri Mataji grants Self Realization to thousands of people at one time. We are convinced that she is a being of exceptional spiritual stature, an Avatar. There are many signs in thousands of miracle photographs taken by Sahaja Yogis verifying the existence of divinity in this era. There are scientists who have verified that Shri Mataji is emitting cosmic energy.

How Sahaja Yoga is Financed

There has never been a charge for Sahaja Yoga meditation programs. However, renting halls, printing literature, and preparing and running programs all cost money, of course, and Sahaja Yogis themselves contribute willingly and voluntarily whenever money is needed. That is how Sahaja Yoga is funded. Whatever money is collected at our seminars is carefully recorded and used to fund projects throughout the world.

Those of us who practise Sahaja Yoga on a daily basis voluntarily contribute towards Shri Matajiís travel expenses, ensuring that she travels in comfort and stays in accommodations befitting her years and our respect and love for her.

Sahaja Yoga and Family Life

The practice of Sahaja Yoga results in inner balance, increased discrimination and the ability to think for oneself. A fundamental principle of the movement is responsibility for one’s own life and spiritual growth. Unlike many fad movements that sprang up in the 1960s and 1970s, the culture of Sahaja Yoga is based on a strong, secure, loving family with a wholesome and nurturing environment for children to grow up in.

With respect to marriages, some sahaja yogis, but not all, prefer the practice of arranged marriages as is still common in more traditional countries. They look for somebody sharing a comparable spiritual vision. The high rate of success of marriages in Sahaja Yoga suggest their choice was sound.

To help prepare our children for an adult life of self-respect, personal responsibility and spiritual awareness, Sahaja Yoga operates several schools. There are many more Sahaja children than there are places available in the few schools we have founded. Often parents who want to register their children find that there is a waiting list.

Sahaja Yoga and Religion

Shri Mataji has made us aware that all the religions are from the same “tree of life” and are to be respected by all of us. She has founded a global religion, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, which is the innate pure religion. It is not based on belief, dogma, or interpretation, but instead is based on the core experience of oneness with the Divine which is at the root of all religions. She grants this experience of connection to the Divine to anyone who asks for it. It is Self Realization. Her teachings have corrected many rituals, dogmas and prejudices about religion. We respect all the incarnations, prophets and the realized souls of the past. The universal character of Sahaja Yoga can be seen in our publications such as Bible Enlightened, Islam Enlightened and Geeta Enlightened. This inclusive culture of spiritual understanding can be verified from thousands of Shri Mataji’s speeches.

Learning More about Sahaja Yoga

The work of Sahaja Yoga is so tremendous that it cannot be described in a single web site. If you have any questions, please visit or visit any of our local centres.

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